YNW Melly Murder Trial - How To Watch

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YNW Melly Murder Trial - How To Watch

YNW Melly's double-murder trial began last week, and people around the world are tuning in to get the latest news and updates on the rapper's high-profile case. YNW Melly was arrested in February 2019 in the shooting deaths of his friends YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. YNW Melly and his other friend YNW Bortlen described the situation to investigators as a drive-by shooting after leaving a Florida studio in a Jeep Compass during the early hours of Oct. 26, 2018. However, based on the forensic evidence collected, law enforcement determined that Melly and Bortlen staged the crime scene to resemble a drive-by shooting and that Melly was the gunman behind both deaths. Melly pleaded not guilty in March of 2019. He is facing the death penalty, which is legal in the state of Florida, if convicted on all charges.

 Many big news outlets are reporting on the case - CNN, Rolling Stone, Variety, Complex, FOX, The Washington Post, New York Times, and TMZ just to name a few. There are many reputable sources out there. Fans can also watch the trial Live on the Law & Crime Network YouTube channel


Many journalists on Twitter are covering the trial and giving live updates to keep the public informed. I've found @BrysonBoomPaul and @Terridaustin are 2 pages that are regularly posting unbiased and verified information on the trial. They are great pages to follow if you are looking for live updates.


I also discussed more details of the trial on Gabey Baby TV this week on YouTube. Click here to watch it and subscribe to Gabey Baby on YouTube for weekly updates on the music industry!


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