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The NAMM Show kicked off this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. 

To learn more about the attendees and events, visit, and have a look around the website.

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Earlier this week, Waves shocked the music/audio community by announcing a stop to plugin sales, in a move to a subscription-only model known as Creative Access.

Waves responded to the feedback from the music production community in an announcement on their website, and across their social media platforms.

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I recently signed up for Zero To Sync, which is a sync licensing course for music producers offered by Heate. This program promises to help producers learn the foundational skills needed to get a sync placement in TV/Film. I checked out this course and give honest feedback.

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This week, announced they will be shutting down Splice Studio, their flagship feature which allows musicians and producers to save and collaborate on their projects via cloud.

CEO Kakul Srivastava released a full statement on their website with all of the details of the impending shut down.

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