No Loss

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"No Loss" (Instrumental) by Gabey Baby

Key: B Minor       140bpm

Lease - Lease is a non-exclusive licensing agreement that allows for commercial use of the audio. Full ownership is maintained by Gabey Baby. By purchasing a lease, the buyer agrees to the following terms:

The buyer agrees to credit Gabey Baby as the producer and properly register with a PRO if they release it commercially. Gabey Baby is registered with BMI as: Schwartz, Gabriel - 550675112 IP NAME #00368094138

Gabey Baby must be credited with a 50% writers' share, unless contractually negotiated otherwise.

Exclusive - Exclusive licensing agreements are to be negotiated directly with Gabey Baby. Contact via email if you are interested in purchasing exclusive rights for this beat. Exclusive agreements will ensure that the song is removed from all public domains affiliated with Gabey Baby within 48 hours of purchase. Other leaseholders are excluded from this agreement and retain their commercial rights.