DatPiff Responds To Shut Down Rumors

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DatPiff Responds To Shut Down Rumors

The music world was shocked on Monday (March 13), when many DatPiff users were unable to get on the website to search for mixtapes. DatPiff launched in 2005 and has been a cultural staple in the hip-hop community, as a hub for mixtapes, and is credited for launching the careers of many rappers. In early 2022, they suffered a data breach.

This week, many users got 404 errors while logging on to the site. The website is currently down with rumors circulating that the site has come to an end.

Here's how the website looks from our view:

Datpiff website down.

Fans voiced their sadness via Twitter.

"RIP Datpiff -- who probably has the most important archive of music from the past 10-15 years anywhere on the internet. It was a bridge between the blog era and the streaming era -- and a hub for projects that will never see the light of day on DSPs. Thank you for your service." Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive tweeted.

"Datpiff shutting down is the bleak future that we're facing with how these soulless corporations want to monopolize how we listen to music, resulting in multiple iterations of the burning of the alexandria, wiping away decades of precious culture - most of it we'll never salvage," another person posted.

 It turns out, rumors of the site ending its 18-year run may not be true. On Monday night, DatPiff released a statement about concern over the site's possible demise.

"Despite the rumors, we are happy to report that we will still be supplying you with all the mixtapes you love," the tweet reads. "We're working through technical issues on our site and app, but still actively update our youtube! Thanks for all the love and concerns but we promise, we are still here."


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